Blasting Machine:

The blasting machine is specially designed so that compressed air is introduced at the top of the machine and the soda, using the venturi principle, is forced out of the bottom of the machine.

The compressor required is determined by the size of the nozzle and the degree of difficulty in the cleaning challenge.

Blasting Hose & Nozzle:

Blast hose can be connected up to 200 feet in total length. A remote pneumatically activated switch, or 12 volt DC over air located at the nozzle allows the user to turn the Soda Blaster on and off.

The “win-nozzle” allows for either “dry” or “wet” blasting. Wet blasting requires a connection to a common garden hose.

Heavy Duty Moisture Trap:

The Soda Blaster requires a constant supply of clean, cool, dry air. Some food plants have air compressors that do not adequately remove moisture from the supply. Moisture adversely affects the machine’s performance.

To eliminate this potential problem, a moisture trap / dryer is supplied between the plant air and the Soda Blaster.