Sand Blaster in Disguise?

Is your "soda blaster"

a sand blaster in disguise?

Believe it or not, there are some companies out there

who will put soda in a sandblaster and call it a soda blaster!

Tell me it ain't so! Sorry to break the news to you but this has been going on for a while. This is what we discovered and this is why we worked so hard for so long to develop a true soda blaster. The Buster Blaster is not just a sand blaster with baking soda poured into it. We designed it specifically for soda blasting and only for soda blasting. Don't judge a book by it's cover, on the outside some pots might look similar but on the inside there are distinct differences.

Here is "their pot" it is covered by US Patent number 2261565, issued November 4th, 1941. Hey, wasn't that before World War II? Darn tootin'! Hey, when the patent is that old just about any Tom, Dick or Harry can make 'em!

In this picture, the pot is being marketed as a "Sand Blaster." There is nothing wrong with this, because that is what it is, it's a Sand Blaster.

In this picture the pot is being marketed as a soda blaster! It's almost as if they thought putting squares over the little circles and making the arrows thicker will make the pot work differently. Not so! It's still just a sand-blasting pot. But if you never saw the two pictures together you wouldn't know! They might have fooled you completely!

Now this is a soda blaster! It is the ONLY true soda blaster made in the world. We were issued our U.S. Patent number 7134945 on November 14th, 2006. That's right in this century! We have distributors for our soda blasters across the U.S,Puerto Rico, in Europe and in Australia/New Zealand as well. Around the world, both service providers and clients are discovering that soda blasting using the world's only true soda blaster is the only way to go. The Buster Blaster is patented by The Soda Works and The Soda Works is the only place in the world that manufactures them and our distributors are the only place where you can get them. Anything else is not a true soda blaster. It gets better too! By being the only source for the Buster Blaster system, we can assure you of 100% satisfaction, 100% quality control and 100% true soda blasting with the most efficient and productive soda blaster in the world!

The Things People Say

We feel sorry for the other guy. You know who he might be. He's the guy that chose to work for one of those companies who make sand blasters, stick a different label on the side or add a poorly engineered drying unit and try to pass it off as a "Soda Blaster." Maybe the guy just doesn't know better. What he knows about soda blasting is what his bosses tell him and he does his best trying to make a living selling second-class products. It can't be easy living like that, but I suppose ignorance is bliss.

What the other guy does know is that his sales are going down. Whenever he is trying to sell to somebody who has also looked at a Buster Blaster he loses a sale. Because he may not understand how soda blasting actually works and has never worked with a “true” soda blaster, he simply thinks we are better sales people. Thinking that sales is simply saying the right thing he amps up his retoric. A few of our clients have passed on some of the amusing things that some of those "other guys" have said in their desperation. I'll post those below but I first want to say one thing.

It really doesn't matter how good of a salesman you are if you are selling an inferior product. When you are dealing with a potential customer who is aware of another product that is superior in every way, that customer will buy a Buster Blaster, because in every case, compared to every other system out there being sold as a "Soda Blaster," the Buster Blaster soda blasting system is far superior. Our system will perform more work, faster and with less soda then any thing else out there. We feel sorry for the other guy because anyone who has been able to choose between what we make and what he's trying to sell chooses a Buster Blaster

Now for the "go fish" stories

The S---- rep called again today and finally admitted to valving and flow problems with the PMB BLAST POT, today they recommended the ACCUSTRIP POT for soda. The rep said there would be less problems with flow, but the media usage was huge, the 3.5 cu.ft. pot he estimated to last for about 15-25 minutes with soda. He then said that the valving for the media flow was not as efficient as your type pot, plain and simple !

I also feel obligated to tell you that the PROBLAST system was offered complete with aftercooler, electric fan, pot, nozzle, and hoses today for $_____.00, plus, the guarantee that it would flow soda, corn cob, walnut, glass, silica, starblast, etc., and, if I wasn't satisfied with the unit, they would put in writing to buy it back, less shipping chgs.

Now if you have been reading and understanding this site you know that a pot being able to "flow" soda is not the same thing as being a Soda Blaster. I can take a school bus out on the Indianapolis race track but that doesn't make it a NASCAR vehicle! "Flowing" soda through a pot that blasts walnut shells, sand and corn cobs is about the same thing!