Criteria for an Efficient Cleaner

Detach & remove the gross food soil and microbes from a contact surface.

Permit the biocide sanitizer (disinfectant) to “complete” the hygiene process.

Accomplish this with minimal effort and deterioration of the target surface(s).

Since soil compositions, surface types and surface orientations vary widely ...

... No one cleaner can be utilized in the cleaning process.

Difficult complex soil removal can require sophisticated, costly and sometimes hazardous chemicals to be effective in the cleaning process.

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Soil Composition

- What mix of proteins, carbohydrates & fats from food product components?

- Any mineral deposits or films?

- Any residues from cleaning compounds?

- Is it baked or frozen on?

- Is it Bio film?

- What are the adherence characteristics?

Criteria for Cleaner Selection

Surface Type

- Stainless steel: grade & grit?

- Soft metals: Galvanized, aluminum, bronze, brass, or chrome plated?

- Plastic of rubber: Teflon coated?

Surface Orientation

- Enclosed: clean out of place?

- Open flat or curved?

- Horizontal or Vertical?